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Proscenium Arts

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About US

A digital choreographic platform to upskill and assist educators and emerging contemporary artists

Proscenium Arts, an online digital platform offering dance and theatre courses to teachers to use as a useful resource in their classroom. With the intent to foster an appreciation for the performing arts with students around Australia. Bringing performing arts into schools offering real and current creative play straight into classrooms. 

Using the creative practice and processes of LJ Projects, we have broken down this content into a clear and accessible format. This means our course can be used by anyone. From sports and physical education teachers to of course our performing arts educators. 


Proscenium arts will be delivered purely online within a subscription format. We will provide both videos of our artists delivering technique and creative practice to creating an online pool of written resources that can be downloaded and used for assessment. All resources will be in keeping with the national school curriculum. 

You Will Recieve


Practical classroom videos and lesson ideas


Written resources to assist dance and movement assessments


Online community of dance educators 

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About LJ Projects

LJ Projects is a dance theatre company established in 2014 by Melissa Lanham, initially under a different name. The most notable work created by LJ Projects has been Vincent, with its initial development created on the Sunshine Coast back in 2014, it is still a current and touring work today. Initially an independent sole trader consisting of Melissa, the company has now expanded to include both professional, youth and community initiatives. 2019 has seen an exciting year of growth and LJ Projects only has plans to continue moving up. 

LJ Projects strives to create moving and emotive dance theatre, unifying rich visual design with provocative text and original sound scores and music.  We address the fact that theatre works in both directions, not only in the giving of the performers and creative’s, but the audience who also share in their experiences of what they are seeing.

Our process is to take something that fuels the imagination, then to experiment, interpret and structure improvisation and task work around the subject.  Using dance, text and characterization; framing and reframing answers and challenging assumptions of how something is initially perceived and placing equal emphasis on the design and the portrayal of all elements in the space.

A Resource For Teachers

Our mission is to provide a companion to teachers to use in highschools throughout Australia. Using current content, we hope to provide accessible information that can be taken straight into the classroom. 

A few features

  • Ready to go lesson plans 

  • Assessment ideas 

  • Choreographic resources

  • Dance videos ready for the classroom 


  • Resources from a trusted professional company 

  • Ready to go lessons 

  • Accessible information for students 

  • Less prep time

We offer an annual subscription for schools to receive ongoing content!

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